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Physics on SchoolScience.com - free educational site

Welcome, all School Scientists!

If you are studying or teaching science in high school, this is the site for you. On this site, we help you prepare for tests and examinations at all high school levels.

The course materials and questions have been prepared by professional teachers with many years of experience in the classroom. We would be happy to hear from you if you have any problems using the site, have any questions, or have any suggestions.

You are welcome to browse around and make use of the material. There is no registration or log-in, and it is all entirely free of charge.


Core material for all high school levels of physics. We have 4 different types of quizzes, including multiple choice, worked answers, and exam practice.

There are also labs, tutorials, and lots of hints and ideas to help you study better.

The first level (years 9 and 10) material is complete, and we are working on the advanced material. Enjoy your Physics on SchoolScientist.com!


There is a full set of mathematics materials for all high school levels.

Along with formative questions, helping you learn, there is a full set of past examination paper questions, with full worked answers, to help you prepare for that big day!

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Scientific Notation

[ Physics : Units and Measures]

Scientific notation refers to the system of reporting numbers as a decimal, with an established number of significant figures and use of exponentials of ten. Under this system, the number 31,250 would be 3.125 x 104

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